About Coscove

To our beloved cosplayers, makers, and artists

Let us start off by saying, we are your biggest fans. Yes, you. You who boldly express yourself with passion, you who support and help others, you who uplift and inspire the rest of the community.

Cosplaying is about confidence, community, and fun. Yet, shopping from each other is anything but.

You are expected to sift through pages and pages of forums or groups, dig near and far for reviews and references, and pray you don’t get scammed.

You have tried various selling apps and websites, but nothing has worked well because nothing was built for you.

Until now.

Built by cosplay lovers

We started Coscove to meet your unique needs as a cosplayer, a maker, and an artist.

We aim to take out the hassle of shopping so you can focus on what you love the most - cosplaying!

- Coscove Team

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