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The weather is cooling. You've put on a comfy sweater for the first time in months. The sun sets sooner and you have the unshakeable urge to drink something warm and comforting... Autumn is finally here! While Halloween is just around the corner, many of us cosplayers are just winding down from con season. Instead, we wanted to celebrate autumn with our favorite fall tradition: hiding under a blanket and re-watching some beloved Halloween films and shows. Of course, this must include an appropriate warm beverage pairing!

Over the Garden Wall

The first recommendation comes from me - Sherri. Without fail, when the leaves begin to change color, I am always reminded of Over The Garden Wall. This animated series from 2014 has a hold over me - at least for 2 hours, it's short! - every autumn. With its nostalgic music and art style, Over The Garden Wall is the perfect rewatch with a cup of mulled wine.

While the show is set initially on Halloween night, it is a celebration of the entire season from the autumn harvest to vibrant forests, without losing that characteristic ghoulish touch. From the start, brothers Wirt and Greg encounter ominous creatures and characters and events that are simply unexplained - like skeletons who dance around wearing pumpkins as heads.

As each episode introduces increasingly bizarre scenarios, the underlying question pushes the plot forward: why are they on this journey? Mulled wine is the perfect drink to pair with this rewatch. Savor the complex flavors as you contemplate the complex mystery and its references to classic literature and mythology.


Monster High

Our next recommendation comes from Lani. It's no surprise that Lani has Monster High playing during the month of October. Just check out her amazing cosplay of Clawdeen!

In 2010, the Monster High doll line was released to great success due to its trailblazing characters modeled after monsters, myths, and legends. Their edgier fashion and the diversity among characters made the dolls an immediate hit. Now with over 700 dolls, several reboots, shows, films, books, and even video games, Monster High is an undeniable phenomenon.

The media for Monster High follows the lives of the spooky students as they navigate everything from everyday teenage problems to supernatural adventures. Throughout the series, the main cast discover who they are and learn to embrace their differences. Another mainstay is each character becoming more confident, more fierce and fearless. Monster High makes for a fun and motivating watch, especially with anything pumpkin-spiced in your hands!

P.S. Lani breaks down the diverse personalities of the Monster High ghouls!


Addams Family

From Mengshu, a truly classic autumn rewatch is The Addams Family. This iconic family will no doubt put you into the mood for Halloween.

Of course, start with the beloved 90's live-action films starring the unforgettable Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia as Morticia and Gomez, and a young Christina Ricci as Wednesday. Whether it's Morticia and Gomez modeling the epitome of romance, or Wednesday stealing the show in The Addams Family Values, this pair of films are true cult classics.

Next, venture into the original TV series from the 60's. Even in 2023, the original series still holds up to its successors. Its historical context highlights the sharp satire of that typical 20th-century American family. From there, whether it's the animated renditions or Netflix's Wednesday, the Addams family always celebrates embracing who you are.

For your drink pairing, an unconventional family deserves an unconventional beverage. Mengshu recommends cozying up with a nice cup of chai - spicy, and yet, soothing.



Last but not least, Ashley comes in with a slasher classic - the Halloween films with Michael Myers. Starting as an indie film with the debut of Jamie Lee Curtis, the Halloween franchise now fittingly has thirteen movies in total.

Start with the original 1978 film. It is truly a masterpiece that stands the test of time. The amount of dread you feel from just a man standing, creeping, appearing in suburbia is simply invigorating. The fantastic score enhances the atmosphere and introduces us to the iconic theme song.

Then, it's dealer's choice on where you go from the sequels to the reboots. This franchise has come back to life more times than Myers. 2018's fresh take begins with true-crime podcasters visiting Myers in prison. 1982's Season of the Witch is an entire movie focused on a side plot where the villain is not Michael but a toy company.

With Michael Myers gracing your screen, Ashly recommends hot apple cider, a drink to contrast the crisp autumn air and that never-changing blank mask.

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Sherri is a co-founder of Coscove. She picked up a camera at 14 and never let go. In the days of old, Sherri horded her anime DVDs and rewatched them countless times. Find her on Coscove:

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