She-Hulk: MBTI Types Of Main Characters

She-Hulk is a must watch for its disection of self-indentity. Let's dive into the inner workings of the main cast.


Nov 11, 2022




While She-Hulk is known for its revolving door of super-powered clientele (and cameos!), there is no lack of character development. The show follows lawyer Jennifer Walters after she receives Hulk powers after an accident. As She-Hulk, Walters must learn to live as a superhero and keep her day job at a prestigious law firm. At the core of the show, themes of identity and contrasting personalities are explored. Let's dive in and discover which personality types the main characters are!

Daredevil - INTJ "The Architect"


He believes that everyone deserves a shot at redemption.

From childhood, Matt Murdock has acted heroically and selflessly. He is idealistic with a strong sense of justice. With his consistent moral compass, Murdock works to achieve righteous goals while remaining true to himself. Far from having a rigid morality, Daredevil is able to read between the lines, recognize patterns, and develop long range perspectives. These flexible abilities helped Murdock see through and stop Leapfrog with the assistance of She-Hulk.

Titania - ESTP "The Conqueror"


I don't get over anything.

This super-powered influencer is the quintessential "mean girl". Titania is not afraid to use act energetically to get her way. She wants results and she wants them now. Titania lives for the here-and-now using spontaneity to get what she wants. Of course, she is also able to easily sway the crowd with her charisma and strong sense of fashion.

Wong & The Abomination- ISTJ "The Inspector"

Under ISTJ, we have an expected pair - Wong and Emil Blonsky. Despite having fought each other, they maintain a friendship, perhaps because of their similar personalities.


One man in the mortal realm has the ability to cause a ripple so great, it reverberates through every dimension.

In contrast to Doctor Strange, Wong is clear in his reverence for rule and order. Wong always fulfills his duties with seriousness and dedication. Despite being a strict rule-follwer, Wong shows that he also values loyalty and stability. With both Strange and Blonsky, Wong appreciates their friendship and bends the rules to help them - though never without a warning of caution.


I was a highly decorated soldier. You know, I was sent on a mission to take out a threat, and I thought I was the good guy, you know? I thought I was gonna be, you know... Captain bloody America or something, you know?

With his Marines background, Emil Blonsky keeps things straightforward. He is efficient and does not over-think. Blonsky is driven to be the best and accomplish goals without distraction. The same is true when he becomes the Abomination. Naturally, being a special-ops commander for so long means that he likes to go by-the-book. In She-Hulk, we see that Emil Blonsky helps his fellow inmates by creating a literacy program and leading guided meditation, showing off his introversion powers.

Hulk - INTP "The Critic"


I know you didn't ask for this, but whether you like it or not, you're now a superhero. And who's gonna protect the world if it isn't people like us?

Like many INTPs, Dr. Bruce Banner is an introspective troubleshooter who is constantnly refining his own internal rules based on new information and experiences. This was first demonstrated as Banner obsessively sought a cure to avoid transforming. After learning to see Hulk as a core part of himself, Banner was able to combine his intelligence with Hulk's strength, showing his ultimate ability to focus in depth and solve the problem. Bruce Banner is not only analytical, but flexible and adaptable.

She-Hulk - ESFP "The Politician"


I was angry! Which is how anyone would respond in that situation.

She-Hulk likes to live in the moment. Unlike the Hulk, she is no thinking through every action, but rather, just living life as it comes. Jennifer Walters brings passion and spontaneity to her work and in her relationships with others. ESFPs can't help but shine. Where there is She-Hulk, fun and twerking is soon to follow. Walters picks up quickly on new changes and learns by jumping right in. No manual-following here.

Jen's bestie, Nikki Ramos, is also an ESFP and an equally magnetic entertainer.

Which character is a match for you? Which character spoke to you the most? Which other characters are also your type? Check out our other MBTI series!

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