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Cinderella from Disney Costume

Costume was made between 2014-15. It sadly doesn't fit me anymore, so it needs to go. I'm not a professional seamstress, but this gown was made well for my abilities back in 2015. However, please understand that this is not a factory-made outfit and may contain imperfections or flaws from the point of view of someone used to mass-produced items. Costume includes the following: - Bodice - Skirt - Headband - Detachable peplums - Gloves - Choker Costume DOES NOT INCLUDE the wig, heels, hoopskirt, petticoat, or anything else not mentioned above!!! DETAILS: The bodice zips up at the back and is made of Joann's Casa Satin, which I underlined with a stiff interfacing. The bodice is then lined with a polyester lining. It is not boned. The skirt is actually 3 skirts stacked at one waistband: there's a lining layer trimmed with lace, a white satin layer over that, and then a final powder blue "over layer". The skirts are circles and are meant to be worn over a hoopskirt. The skirts are slightly uneven, so please be aware. The waistband attaches with a button. The peplums are cute and puffy and attached to a ribbon. They are meant to be worn over the skirt and tucked under the bodice. The choker is made of a velvet ribbon that snaps at the back. The gloves are offbrand stretchy satin opera length gloves. They may have some pilling from wear. The headband is a plastic headband covered in the same satin used to make the rest of the gown.

Handmade by: Koholint





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