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Makima from Chainsaw Man Costume

This cosplay is Makima from Chainsaw Man. If you are wanting a Makima cosplay please let me know what size you wear, and we can start on your commission! Everything is handmade from the wig to the pants. The shoes are already made and bought and I will need to know your shoe size to order them online. This costume comes with a wig, white button up shirt with a tie, black pants and brown shoes. Again, everything is handmade. This costume will take up to 18 to 24 hours to make. If you need this cosplay faster, please let me know and I can make it quicker, with no extra cost at all! This costume is not yet made and will be started on when someone buys it. I am taking more than commission on this costume, so everyone has a chance to get this character brought to life! If you are interested, please buy this costume and I will start working on it and contact you to get more info for it! Thank you, and I am excited to bring your characters to life with my high-quality costume building!

Handmade by: OnyxStar


Chainsaw Man






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