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All of my costumes are made from scratch right down to the patterns I personally draft and drape by hand to your measurements, personal needs, and design. Every costume is built with compassion, thoughtfulness, and personal creativity. Each costume is a labor of love, one that I cherish and honored to have worked on be it a small accessory or a full suit of armor.

I carefully consider each project that comes through my door and handpick costumes that I will truly enjoy working on, that will challenge me, and will provide a delightful cosplay experience. Sadly, not all requests can be accepted based on scheduling ability, budgetary needs of the client, or skill required. Some costumes such as those that require vacuum forming, I simply cannot create at this time.

Props, Wigs, & Accessories

Props and wigs are accepted with consideration. Small props, accessories, and some weapons are typically projects I happily accept! Acceptance of a design is based on the materials and methods available.

I prefer to craft out of insulation foam, expanding foam, or EVA and craft foam. I will also utilize thermoplastics as necessary for the design. I cannot at this time work with wood or projects that require mold pouring.

Wigs are created with high quality fiber base materials. Typically, I will choose bases, wefts, and supplies from Arda Wigs when available as I find their product to be the best.

Pattern Drafting

Some clients like to sew their own costumes, but aren't sure where to start when it comes to making a pattern! I can help! All of my patterns are draped to a dress form in your size so you'll get the right fit without concern of choosing a pattern size. Patterns are specialized to you and your needs to require the least amount of alterations at home!

All patterns are hand drawn on large rolls of paper and include all of your typical markings such as grain line, hem, lengthen or shorten annotation, notches, dots, and seam allowance! Instructions in PDF format are emailed at the time of shipping. Instructions are written by my hand and I will make every effort to describe clearly the step needed to build your costume!

Custom Designs

Gowns, unique costume creations, and individual designs are also offered! If you're looking for an interesting, personalized twist on a character concept then I'm happy to work through ideas with you and create sketches to find that perfect look. I love to design gowns, chic fantasy fashion, and interesting costume flavors!

All sketches are created in my design book with pencils, scanned, and shared with the client. Most clients receive four to six thumbnail designs before finalizing a choice, adding color, and creating the end rendering. Clients may have a copy of the final, if they would like!

Raleigh, NC