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Hey there! We're Midori & Mitsuki.

We've been making cosplay costumes for over 10 years.

With the growing popularity of cosplay, mass-produced ready-to-wear (RTW) options have become widely available today. However, the lack accuracy to details and unflattering fit to your unique physiques are common problems with buying RTW. Or lack of option altogether, if you're into less mainstream series. Buying RTW leaves no room for you to communicate with the person making

your costume. You lose the freedom to choose how you want to interpret your beloved character's design.

For you who desires to convey your love for a character so dear to your heart. You uphold yourself to the highest of standards when you cosplay them. Because they deserve it. And we get it; RTW just doesn't cut it. This is why we are committed to striving for the finest quality of cosplay costumes. Our process involves a collaborative design consultation. We listen to your ideas and visions and consider your personal needs. From your input, we design a costume to bring your 2D ideals into real life. Then, all you have left to do is sit back, and watch the entire crafting process unfold.

We aim to enhance your cosplay experience with beautifully, handcrafted costumes, made with you in mind. Our mission is to help sophisticated cosplayers like you to embody your favourite character to your fullest potential. And it starts with the right the costume.


Video game characters, idols