Elven Rose Design




Greetings! I am a self - taught jewelry artist with a taste for the fantasy and magical world. Nature is my first source of inspiration but practically everything I see or read inspires me. I love fantasy, fairies and elves and I create exquisite jewelry and accessories for them.

Each jewel starts with an idea or a character. First I study the character and I imagine the jewel, with all the details. The next step is to transpose on paper that image. On this drawing I work until it reaches the desired form, adding and modifying details, all to express the character's personality (or the idea from which I started) better. When I am happy with the design done, the next step is to create the physical object. When the jewel is finished, I do tests on mannequin to see how it sits and correct small details that need to be corrected. The final stage is photographing the jewel in every angle so I can present it as close to reality as possible.

I love to create jewelry and accessories and for me each one is special :)


silver plated / gold plated / copper jewelry and accessories