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Hello there! My name is Abigail! I'm a 25-year old cosplayer/crafter based out of the KC area. I'm a full-time costume commissioner and online shop owner. I enjoy creating handmade goods and learning new skills to create even better or more interesting things. Cosplay has been a passion of mine for nearly 10 years now, and I appreciate the opportunity to bring cosplay dreams to life through my work. In my spare time I also enjoy playing video games such as Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy XIV, and more. These series in particular are very special to me I especially enjoy making costumes from them, but I'll accept work from any particular piece of media, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have a project in mind!

I am currently CLOSED FOR 2023, but accepting commissions for January 2024 onward!

I've been making my own cosplays since 2015 and have been doing commissions since 2018 (part-time) and moved to full-time commissioning in 2019. To date, I've finished over 150 commissions of varying sizes including costumes, armor, props, wigs, and clothing, and have made over 30 personal cosplays. I have experience working with materials of all sorts; genuine leather, faux fur, EVA foam, and recently I've been expanding my portfolio to encompass wigs and 3D printed props/pieces. I also plan to extend my skills into working with resin, small/simple lights, and 3D modeling very soon, so keep an eye out for portfolio updates. My full portfolio can be found here:, but I plan to import it to Coscove I have experience working with body types of all shapes and sizes and I semi-frequently draft my own patterns for commission pieces, with plans to make said patterns publicly available in the future for others to use and reference. I pride myself on being accepting and inclusive and I'm a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself. Please reach out if my work is of interest; I'd love to make your next cosplay!


Fire Emblem costumes

Overland Park, Kansas