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For cosplayers, the to-do list of con crunch never seems to end. Between ironing your hems, weathering your armor, back-combing your wigs to oblivion, there's a couple of steps that cosplayers wish they could skip.

My name is Elise: a cosplayer, a maker, and the creator of Porzellan Props. Trust me, I have been through many con-crunches too, and I know exactly how it feels. Sometimes, all we need is a little shortcut to finish and polish off our cosplays.

That's where I come in. Prop checks at cons can be complicated and unruly, with lists upon lists of banned materials. Thankfully, all of my 3D printed kits are made from a universally approved material: Plastic. Not only are they lightweight and hardy, I've designed each of these props to perfection. (No untested models or kits here! I won't ship you what I wouldn't use myself, and I'm VERY picky about quality.)

Over 1000 cosplayers world wide have used my prop kits and gorgeously finished them for their own creations, and I continue to help and serve cosplayers around the globe to help bring their cosplays to the next level. I hope my products will inspire you to create bigger and better cosplays, and I can't wait to make you a part of our growing Porzellan Props Family!


Elise, Chief Designer


Printed kits

Edmonton, Canada