The Animated Curl




Cosmaker with 10+ years making costumes and other articles of clothing. From the moment I first started cosplaying, I knew I had to be crafty with my sources for fabric, tools, and more. I now have a network of resources that allows me to give an honest consultation to customers to achieve the costume they seek within their budget! If you have a costume or clothing in mind, or just want to ask some questions about sewing, I’m happy to answer!

Some of my favorite cosplays I’ve worked on are different versions of characters’ costumes including DC Bombshell Vixen and X-Men Red Storm. I’ve also accomplished making costumes for original works such as Niobe from the titular fantasy series and Spider-Deku based on art concept by @olldolldraws. I’ve also had a lot of fun for non-cosplay work such as making birthday dresses for adults and children, as well as waist belts, tops, and matching masks for every occasion!


Stylish masks to match with your costume or outfit.

Brooklyn , New York, United States