Violet Cosplay

Armor, Props/Weapons, Costume



My degree is in costume design. After 5 years of Art Academy I decided i wanna be a student a bit longer and went to a fashion school for 3 years.

I've worked with a lot of companies. I think the biggest would be Wargaming, with which I went to Gamescom(biggest Europe gaming convention) 2 or 3 times as a official cosplayer for one of their games. I've also made costumes and props for Blizzard, Riot Games, CD Projekt Red,LG, Asus, Gearbox, Sony and many indie developers.

In 2011 I was Polish representative at Eurocosplay finals in London and after that I was a judge for the Polish preliminaries for a few years. After that I've been judging many Polish contests and few abroad like in Lithuania or Czechia but most often I'm eighter a host for the contest or hosting a commentary studio for stream so I'm still in the contest field but not as a judge.



Warsaw, Poland