Buying on Coscove: A Review

On secondhand cosplays and con shenanigans


Jul 6, 2022




This is a review from Sean from @dynamiccosplay

As a muscular man, it’s always a tough time to find clothing, especially for cosplay. So when I found out about Coscove I was skeptical but excited to look. When my wife searched and found this awesome Ocean Master cosplay on there I was shocked! And when she looked at the measurements I was even more shocked! We had found a FULL ARMOR COSPLAY that would fit ME. We immediately messaged Winraven the maker and owner of the original cosplay and asked him a few more questions and within a week we had purchased this incredible set.

The Package

The cosplay arrived packaged almost professionally from the East Coast (we live in CA) and it was a blast to open and unwrap each piece. On top of that, it was easy to put on and I felt EPIC AF standing in the middle of our living room. I couldn’t wait to wear this for our next convention, which was FanimeCon this past May!

The Con

As we prepared for FanimeCon we had several cosplays we were building from scratch, and Ocean Master was one of the cosplays that I didn’t have to think about (save for that I purchased an ocean master zentai suit to go under the armor). Once the con arrived NOTHING WORKED OUT the way my wife and I thought. Our cosplays had issues, our hotel had issues, we ran into time issues, and so on.

But you know what didn’t have issues? My new OCEAN MASTER cosplay.

I put that on and walked into photog alley feeling epic af again. Then the wind picked up and my cape started to flutter in the wind and I didn’t just feel epic, I WAS EPIC AF.


I cannot thank Winraven enough for this amazing armored cosplay (can’t wait to see what else you’re selling!) and for Coscove for creating this community where we can buy used AKA “well-loved” cosplays from other cosplayers.

Shop @winraven's cosplays!

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Lani is a Bay Area cosplayer who cosplays with her husband and young daughter, known as Dynamic Cosplay. She is the founder of an inclusive cause-play community focused on supporting our local communities called, Cosplay with Pride. Lani is always look to spread smiles and rainbows! 🌈 Find her at

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