Coscove Market @ Matsuricon

We're bringing back our signature "coat-check" style buy/sell market to Matsuricon 2023! To start selling or buying, RSVP now.

Coat check style event

Been waiting for the con all year?

Matsuricon is once a year- don’t waste time babysitting your items!

Create a listing on Coscove and leave your item with us. We’ll take care of sales so you can explore.

See you at the Night Market!

Last year, over 1000 cosplayers attended Coscove Market at Matsuricon. This year will be bigger and better!


A happy shopper from a previous Coscove Market

This could be you!

For buyers

Shopping @ the con

Let's make cosplay a bit more sustainable together.

Browse online beforehand to find exactly what you're looking for - just search for "Matsuricon"!


Browse online beforehand then examine in-person


Pay with your Coscove account or via card

Shipping will become $0 when you checkout

Payment goes straight to the seller & your treasure to you

Start browsing

Ensemble Stars for sale by @midnightspells

For sellers

Selling @ the con

This event does not require you to man your own booth.

At Matsuricon 2022, hundreds of items went to their new homes - this year, let it be your item!


Check out the FAQs below for all the deets!


Create an account and list your items beforehand


Add "Matsuricon" to your con lineup & share your listings


Drop off your items & enjoy the con!

List your items

Tifa cosplay sold by @sunflowersfortofu

See you @ Matsuricon!


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