Armor, Accessories, Props/Weapons, Costume

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I primarily work with EVA foam and specialise in armour making. I also 3D model and print details for cosplays where required but favour EVA foam as it is flexible and more comfortable for long conventions.

For my commission process I engage with the client and discuss what they want from the cosplay, such as custom art style or theme as I also enjoy cel-shading cosplays. From here I collect as many images as possible of the character and produce sketches of the cosplay with materials and techniques I would use for each costume section. Once initial sketches are completed I make a list of costume components and an estimation of the time and money required to complete each component. I then provide these to the client so they can see my process and estimates so they can provide feedback or desired alterations. Once confirmed I ask for the clients measurements and for final conformation before the initial commission payment.

Once the commission pricing and timings have been agreed upon, the first payment sent over for materials and part of labour cost I will then order materials and begin patterning the costume. Patterning will be completed for the build and a basic version of the costume crafted from the patterns, further details will be added to each piece once the build measurements and proportions are correct. Upon completion of half of the build, the second commission instalment is requested. Once the foam elements of the build are complete I then focus on the textiles element, however this varies if the cosplay is primarily textile based. Once the costume is complete I then make the accompanying prop/props. During the entire creation process I keep the client well informed with photos and discussion

Once the build is complete I begin priming for painting, props are then painted by air brush and hand painted. Upon completion final photos are taken of the cosplay and the final instalment payed the cosplay is then carefully wrapped and shipped to the client.

Nottingham, United Kingdom