Coscove Hosts 1st Ever Secondhand Cosplay Shopping Experience at NYCC 2022

The Coscove team led the conversation around ‘Cosplay and Sustainability’ with their one-of-a-kind Cosplay Market and panel discussion


Nov 3, 2022





New York, New York – The Coscove team proudly exhibited and attended their first New York Comic Con at the Javits Center from Oct 6 – Oct 9, 2022.

Coscove brought its one-of-a-kind secondhand buy/sell market to New York Comic Con’s Cosplay Central, in the River Pavilion. This sustainable shopping Community Market for fans, by fans, is the1st ever secondhand cosplay shopping experience to be hosted at New York Comic Con! With nearly 200,000 pop culture fans that attended NYCC 2022, Cosplay Central and Coscove’s Community Market stayed busy over that weekend.   

New York Comic Con attendees were able to hunt for unique cosplay items at the Coscove booth, and had the support of the Coscove team to help sell their own cosplay treasures. Numerous cosplayers wore their cosplays, then placed their cosplays up for sale at Coscove’s Community Market. 90% of sellers successfully sold their cosplays by the end of the weekend! 

“This idea is absolutely amazing! The community is aware of how wasteful our hobby is and there was no way to buy or sell costumes easily, until now!” - says one cosplay shopper. 

“Thank you so much for what you’re doing for the community! There’s a couple of things I’ve been wanting to let go for a while but I just wasn’t sure if anyone would want them. I’m so happy to see them go to new owners after I listed them on Coscove!” - says one happy seller. 

“This event needs to be everywhere!!! I’m telling all my friends to sign up now” - says an enthusiastic fan.

On Sun Oct 9, 2022, the Coscove team along with guest cosplayer Alyssa R King (Joker's Harley) further led the conversation around sustainable shopping with their panel, “Sustainable Cosplay - Save Money & Our Planet!” hosted on the Cosplay Central Stage. The panel engaged attendees with questions around, “Can cosplay be eco-friendly?” and shared the environmental impact of cosplay and how to make it better for the planet AND your wallet. This panel encouraged attendees to consider the financial and environmental effects of cosplay and taught ways to reduce their “cosplay footprint”. 

The Coscove team is proud to have hosted New York Comic Con’s first ever secondhand cosplay shopping experience, and leading the conversation this year on ‘Cosplay and Sustainability.’ 

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Mengshu is a co-founder of Coscove. Growing up in Canada, Mengshu loved theatre, dance, and all things photography. She did photoshoots in costume before even learning what cosplay was! Find her on Coscove:

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